The Oscars: A plucky lady email conversation

Well, better late than never! We plucky ladies didn’t watch The Academy Awards together, so here’s how our email conversation about the whole thing went.

Flora:   Here’s a funny pie charts about Oscar nominated movies!

Also, sloths!
Lydia: Ok did you watch the Oscars?  I though Seth Macfarlane was a pointlessly offensive ass.  And I think they chose Argo for best picture because it was the least politically sticky choice.  And those sloths!!!! omg.  made my day.
Flora: I watched most of the Oscars, though I hear I missed the most offensive joke (the Chris Brown Rhianna one). It seemed like Seth only had two modes—offensive and bland. The only time I laughed was at the Sound of Music reference. He should really stick to bits like that.

 My favorite part of the night was when Anne Hatheway said this at the end of her acceptance speech:
“Here’s hoping that someday in the not too distant future the misfortunes of Fantine will only be found in stories and never in real life.”
In a night full of lame sexist jokes, she managed to drop a meaningful line about the plight of real life women that I bet most people missed. This is something I like about her.
 And yeah, Argo—haven’t seen it, and I know the best picture winner is supposed to be a secret until the envelope opens, but once I saw that Michelle Obama was presenting it I had a strong feeling the winner wasn’t gonna be, say, Zero Dark Thirty (or, probably, Django Unchained).  What do you think?
Lydia: I think having Michelle Obama present the award was soooo not good.  And you’re right, if it had been Zero Dark Thirty or Django, no way they would have had the first lady present the award.  I don’t think the administration can be seen visibly connected to either torture or a movie that supposedly supports Obama’s administration because it shows how we caught Bin Laden under his command.
Flora: True Fact!

here are my other favorite links I’ve read about the Oscars this week:
on the bad:
most of it quotes this article ( but it is so spot on about the opening song (which I originally missed) and I would have not caught the fact that, yeah, this is actually a workplace issue! Sometimes its easy to forgot that acting is someone’s job. love this take on Affleck’s supposedly blundering comments, which actually reveal that yes, a marriage talkes work! Why is that so crazy?