Forty percent of households with kids headed by a female breadwinner?! Commence conservative panic mode!

It’s sad, it’s infuriating, but for some reason I find it hilarious: Fox news pundits freaking out over a pew study that shows  “four out of ten American households with children have a mother who is the sole or primary breadwinner for the family, the highest share on record.”

There’s so much bullshit here I don’t know where to start.

First up—”something we don’t usually do”? You mean have an all-male panel to talk about women’s issues in a pandering and patriarchy-reinforcing way? Please.

“Something going terribly wrong in American society.” If you want to actually talk about that, better start by talking about economic inequality and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Oh wait a minute, for a second I forgot who I was talking to.

“Left, right, I don’t see how you can argue this!” Yeah, the fact that you can’t see any political faultlines in your debate is a testament not to its political neutrality but to your own willful blindness.

“And those are the children who survive.” Non sequitur abortion statistics much?

“Liberals who defend this and say it’s not a bad thing are very anti-science, when you look at biology and the natural world.” Ooh, I have images to reply to this one!  Yes of course, we should always look to nature to guide human relationship—so let’s try some of these models seen in the illustrations of Animal Mating Habits, by Humon.

Like the pregnant male seahorse model, or the bonobo orgy model, or the aggressive female hyenas with penises model. You know, for science!

“Politicians won’t say it!  That’s what bothers me Erik. They’re so scared, they’re so much a bunch of…you know…” Wait a minute. Did he just almost say “a bunch of PUSSIES“?  I’m pretty sure he almost did, or some other similar gendered insult (bitches?). And then thought better of it. Probably his only saving grace.

“it’s tearing apart minority communities!” Actually, that’s racism, and racism + sexism if we’re talking about the experience of non-white women. (We have a term for this conundrum called “intersectionality“…but I don’t think y’all are the right crowd to hear about that right now).

“I wrote a biography once of Daniel Patrick Moynihan…”  That’s like saying “Hey guys! I’m an expert on sexist bullshit! I helped build bullshit mountain!” It’s not helping.


In conclusion—this video clip is so disturbing I cannot help but find it ridiculous, and so I laughed at it. Kind of like this video of lesbians watching lesbian porn. That’s right Fox News guys! I’m ending this post with that kind of video!





Funny Feminist Friday!

Not a lot of ladies in pluckyville these days! Blogging took a backseat to what Lydia rightly called  “March, the month of mating dating.” (And traveling. And conferencing. And holidaying.) As it turns out when, even if you add just one human to your already full life, it creates a ripple affect. Nothing is left unchanged, and everything gets a little more frantic. Hence the lack of blog posts.

But I am here to remedy the situation with funny feminist Friday!

I like this image because I’m always trying to figure out how to deal with sexist humor, especially when it’s walking a fine line between unexamined/inconsiderate and idiotic/insulting. On the one hand, I’m all about the funny! Ask any of my real life friends, they’ll tell you I am the first one to point out the humor in a situation (especially if it involves a pun).

On the other hand,  “humor” can also be the last refuge of the scoundrel misogynist. I can distinctly remember a dude, the neighbor of a friend, making some really degrading jokes about the women he’d been with when I was hanging out with their group. Just about everyone in the room kind of laughed awkwardly, while I said something along the lines of the above image (though dripping with sarcasm, as I was still worried about not being “the cool girl” who can take a joke, and sarcasm makes everything ok right….? no?). Later a number of this guy’s male “friends” told me, in private, that they felt like he was a lecherous, creepy womanizer. As in, they couldn’t even go out to bars with him in town because they would always run into some girl who rightly hated his guts and they’d all have to leave. But it was not something they were willing to confront him on. So he continued to make awful sexist jokes, and they continued to act like it was funny. Not ok.

Humor can, however, be the best tool feminists have for dealing with the most aggregious sexist bullshit. Case in point: Donna Brazile.

Background:  Princeton alum Susan Patton recently wrote a letter to female Princeton students telling them they had better find themselves a husband while they were in college, gosh darn it!

Donna Brazille’s response is, in my opinion, one the better ways one could respond to something besides “I don’t even ugggghhnhhh.” Here’s one of the my favorite lines:

“Perhaps, if I’d had Ms. Patton’s wisdom and foresight about what really matters in college, I wouldn’t have taken so many pesky classes, and instead concentrated on designing my hair, makeup, attire and personality to create the perfect man-catching machine.

Perhaps it would have all worked out exactly as Ms. Patton implies — the perfect house, kids, husband and future. I made a lot of stupid decisions in college; I’m really glad the choice of life partner wasn’t one of them. How many people, do you think, could choose a tattoo at 22 years old and still be happy with it by the time they are 50? Let’s be generous here: maybe a quarter of all people? And tattoos don’t even talk.”


So many great rhetorical choices here, but my favorite has to be “And tattoos don’t even talk.” I instantly pictured a number of the college kids I know, at 50, with their tattoos talking to them. What a perfect humorous image to sum up one of the many fatal flaws in Patton’s perfect plan!