So, here we are!

pluck (n): spirited and determined courage

pluck (v):  to pick, pull, or grasp at

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Welcome to our blog! We are going to write some shit here and we will fix it later. The first thing to do when writing a blog is clearly to define “pluck.”

Why are we defining pluck? Because this is not a blog about plucking eyebrows or various body hairs, and we need to be very clear about that. This is not a hair focused blog. Apparently “pluck” the noun also means “the heart, liver, lungs, and trachea of a slaughtered animal especially as an item of food” and we just want to be clear that this not an pro- animal slaughtering blog. No animals were harmed in the writing of this post. In fact, a cat is sitting here, and she gives her full approval.

So, what is this blog? On to the Q and A!

Q: Who the hell are you?

A: We are a team of lady bloggers intent on sharing our hilarious and pithy conversations, critical commentary, witty observations, nerdy graphics, and occasional disdain with the peoples of the internets.

 Q: Why should anyone read this blog?

A: It’s not that internet is missing anything—smart people are saying things on the interwebs all the time. Here you’ll not only get additional opinions but exciting, thought provoking and hilarious content. Except content is almost too tame and vague of a word. I mean, we aim for true dialog here, which is why we are a collaborative blog from the start.

It’s easy to get into heated debates from the privacy of your own home, when you’re talking to a stranger on facebook or twitter or whatever. We decided on a wordpress blog and not a tumblr, for example, because we wanted a longer format where we get a chance to develop ideas and where you can give (appropriate) feedback in the form of comments.

This blog is your place for contemporary controversies, invented words, graphs about dating, all the puns, feminism with a sense of humor, food for thought: current events, food for thought: actual food, historical-ish perspectives, rhetorical musings, and an answer to the eternal question ‘what do women really want?’ Ok, kidding. Not the last one. Just everything else.

Q: So, is this a blog where you women just whine a lot?

A: No women whining—just women wining. Red wine, preferably. Because we are the kind of ladies you could have a glass of red and a good conversation with. A real conversation, with both talking and listening, intelligence and empathy, wit and depth. And sometimes that is harder to find than you think.

Q: So do you have any funny pictures of cats?  Memes?  Anything?

Why yes, we do. We have two of the pluckiest ladies ever for you. Need I point out the resemblance?


This blog hereby endorses the Clinton-Roslin ticket for 2016! So say we all.

As for cats, this is the best we can do:fuck the purrtriarchy

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