Forty percent of households with kids headed by a female breadwinner?! Commence conservative panic mode!

It’s sad, it’s infuriating, but for some reason I find it hilarious: Fox news pundits freaking out over a pew study that shows  “four out of ten American households with children have a mother who is the sole or primary breadwinner for the family, the highest share on record.”

There’s so much bullshit here I don’t know where to start.

First up—”something we don’t usually do”? You mean have an all-male panel to talk about women’s issues in a pandering and patriarchy-reinforcing way? Please.

“Something going terribly wrong in American society.” If you want to actually talk about that, better start by talking about economic inequality and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Oh wait a minute, for a second I forgot who I was talking to.

“Left, right, I don’t see how you can argue this!” Yeah, the fact that you can’t see any political faultlines in your debate is a testament not to its political neutrality but to your own willful blindness.

“And those are the children who survive.” Non sequitur abortion statistics much?

“Liberals who defend this and say it’s not a bad thing are very anti-science, when you look at biology and the natural world.” Ooh, I have images to reply to this one!  Yes of course, we should always look to nature to guide human relationship—so let’s try some of these models seen in the illustrations of Animal Mating Habits, by Humon.

Like the pregnant male seahorse model, or the bonobo orgy model, or the aggressive female hyenas with penises model. You know, for science!

“Politicians won’t say it!  That’s what bothers me Erik. They’re so scared, they’re so much a bunch of…you know…” Wait a minute. Did he just almost say “a bunch of PUSSIES“?  I’m pretty sure he almost did, or some other similar gendered insult (bitches?). And then thought better of it. Probably his only saving grace.

“it’s tearing apart minority communities!” Actually, that’s racism, and racism + sexism if we’re talking about the experience of non-white women. (We have a term for this conundrum called “intersectionality“…but I don’t think y’all are the right crowd to hear about that right now).

“I wrote a biography once of Daniel Patrick Moynihan…”  That’s like saying “Hey guys! I’m an expert on sexist bullshit! I helped build bullshit mountain!” It’s not helping.


In conclusion—this video clip is so disturbing I cannot help but find it ridiculous, and so I laughed at it. Kind of like this video of lesbians watching lesbian porn. That’s right Fox News guys! I’m ending this post with that kind of video!





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